Eriem’s comments today!
Eriem came in really happy this morning, he had fun making a card, sticking lots of different collage materials and shiny sequences. Eriem also had lots of fun playing with the cars and garage and pushing the shopping trolley with clothes pretending to be going shopping.
Apa Eriem makan?

Lunch :
chincken nuggets and egg --> ate a few chicken nuggets, left a little egg

Pears and Grapes
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Christmas Card for Ibu & Ayah

Morning comments:
Eriem has been very happy this morning. He has enjoyed pushing the trolly, building foam towers and he really enjoyed making a snowman Christmas card. He looked at the alphabet and did lots of laughing as
well as helping to decorate the jungle tots Christmas tree. Very busy!! See you on Friday Eriem...Sarah.
Hari ni ibu & ayah dapat chrismas card dari Eriem..yang special nya card ni Eriem buat sendiri (teacher tolong laa) gambar kad yang Eriem buat..tgk mata snowman tu, cam salah tempat jer..hehehe


Apa Eriem makan?

Ricecakes+ jam Milk

Ate 1 sandwich

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Today is Monday..rasa baru je hari jumaat, dah nak kena gi school lg...Eriem pun kena pegi school jugak...Tapi yang kelakar nyer hari ni, masa dlm kereta nak antar Eriem ke school, bila sampai jer kat bulatan yang dekat dgn pintu masuk university of nottingham tu, eriem dah merengek dalam kereta..rupa2 nya dia dah kenal jalan ke school dia..hehehe

Sampai kat school, eriem menangis sbelum ibu tinggalkan dia..teacher cakap, isnin mmg budak2 camni..lagi satu rasanya sbb malam td eriem tdo lambat sbb ibu pegi lepak kat umah, dia bangun xcukup tdo..Eriem, your comments for today..
Eriem has needed lots of hugs this morning. He seemed very tired so I let him sleep for a while. He seemed happier after his sleep and enjoyed looking at the musical instruments and making noise. He also did some roleplay with the telephone. See you tomorrow eriem....Sarah.


Apa Eriem makan?


Only a little of food provided from home

Sleep: 10.10 - 10.40

Lepas ni ibu akan pastikan Eriem tdo awal..paling lewat pun pukul 8 ke?? hohoho.. Read more "15-12-2008..."


12th December 2008

Dah lama ibu x update pasal playcentere sbb keyworker Eriem iaitu Fiona masuk hospital, then nampak kelam kabut ckit gak laa playcentre tu sbb xcukup staf nak cover..So, byk hari gak laa ibu xdapat "Eriem's Daily Diary" xpe laa...ibu tau anak ibu happy kat sana...

yeehaaa today dapat daily diarry, Eriem's comments today!!

Eriem enjoyed looking at the wooden clocks today, he especially thought it was fun to make them all fall over and move the hands round. Eriem got a little bit upset so sat with me and had some syories when he fell asleep so he had a rest. When he woke up he had fun in the bricks and with the ball. See you next week Eriem...Sarah.
Thnx Sarah...Sarah is staf yang pantau Eriem semasa Fiona bcuti...
Apa Eriem makan?

  1. Egg - all
  2. Sausage - 1
  3. Biscuit - 1
  4. Juice


Sleep: 10.40 - 11.00

Eriem took a, xde laa snacks time tuk eriem gamak nye..hehehe

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Eid Al-Adha

Ibu x sempat nak amik banyak gambar semasa NMC mengadakan sambutan raya ada beberapa keping gambar eriem bersama kawan-kawan nyer...



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3rd day..

Eriem is happy going to playcentre more crying when ibu leave him..Here the comment for Eriem on his 3rd day at playcentre…

Eriem has been very happy this morning. He enjoyed doing some blue glittery painting and he also had fun doing lots of dancing with his friends. Eriem also enjoyed playing with the zoo duplo.
My son memang teramat suka singing and dancing..At home pun dah pandai cakap…maa, baa baa..means he want me bukak milkshake website and sing the baa baa black sheep…The rhymes y eriem suka:-
  1. Baa baa Black Sheep
  2. Row row your boat
  3. hey diddle diddle
  4. twinkle twinkle
  5. Grand Old Duke of York
  6. Humpty Dumpty
This is the website ...

Apa Eriem makan?


  1. Milk
  2. Banana
  3. Grapes
  1. All pasta
  2. 2 biscuits
  3. Juice
Eriem was enjoyed his snacks and lunch very much..

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2nd day at Playcentre

On his 2nd day at playcentre, he looks so happy..I’m happy too…
Eriem’s comments today!
Eriem has coped really well again today. He has eaten with his friends at lunch time and didnt get too upset when staff changed over for lunch breaks. He’s made real progress and seems to have found his feet here. He is discovering where all of the toys are and is watching the others play before he joins in.
The playcentre asked me to provide pictures of eriem’s family, so that they can display them on a photo board in Tots Room. Eriem's teacher told me that the playcentre finds the board an great talking point with all of the children and the children benefit greatly from seeing themselves and their families in pictures..

They also asked me to bring wellingtons to nursery for eriem’s outdoor play activities. Alamak, Eriem xde wellingtons lagi. So, terpaksalah beli. Nak carik kat carboots dah xsempat, so after ayah balik work malam td, we went to ASDA belikan Eriem wellingtons ni.

Picture kat sebelah ni Eriem bergaya dengan wellingtons nya di atas kereta ayah..hehehe actually, masa ni snow, so pakaikan eriem boots tuk amik gambar kat luar rumah..

Apa Eriem makan?

Snacks :
  1. Milk
  2. Peach
  3. Prunes.
Lunch :
  1. Pasta - 3 Mouthfulls. After a few more minutes returned to eat almost all of his pasta.
  2. 2 biscuits.
  3. Juice.
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