Hello Playcentre!!

Eriem is 18 months old. Ayah and Ibu decided nak hantar Eriem ke Nursery coz nak kasi Eriem bersosial dan xmanja sangat duk dengan ayah jer kat rumah..Kami pilih University of Nottingham Playcentre because harga dia bpatutan dan dekat dengan school ibu. Masa submit application, Gemma, the playcentre manger told ibu yang hanya Monday, Tuesday and Friday je free..Wednesday and Thursday xde tempat...So, ibu and ayah agreed nak letak Eriem kat playcentre for morning sessions on those three days. Morning session is from 8.30am until 1.00pm.

And today is Eriems’ first day at playcentre…This is Eriem’s comment from his teacher…

Eriem has done really well this morning and had lots of fun. He enjoyed
doing lots of green hand prints and playing with all of the glitter. He also had a look at the colour match train puzzle.

Well done my luvly son..i lov u so much!!


Apa Eriem makan?


  1. Milk
  2. Peach
  3. Celery


  1. Tried his lunch but was not too interested. Did get covered in chocolate though.
  2. Water.


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